Monday, February 18, 2008

Thing 3: Set up an RSS Account & Add

This one was fun! Thank goodness I have a seasoned blogger sharing my work space!!! I love the "Sub with Bloglines" fast button, traditionally called a favorite. I put this as a link on my link spot - I am soooo up to date on the techno babble - and then adding blogs was a breeze. I now have a bloglines spot (account)! I am excited to have this new (to me) technology to check out, not only what the 23 Things folks are up to, but also news, authors, book reviews, and so much more! I have read all the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson and have never checked out the Fang blog - so now that I have added it to my aggregator, I plan to. I am also planning to suggest the blog to students who have also read the books. I searched google blogs for adds that were similar, but must look again later.

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