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Review: Cherished by Belinda Boring

Cherished: Mystic Wolves: Book 2 by Belinda Boring

***I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review and participation in the blog tour being presented by The Bookish Snob Tours.

Amazon Product Description:
For a moment, Darcy almost convinced herself the last twelve hours didn't happen. As image after image hits her, the sinking realization of all she's lost overwhelms her and all she can think of is to run. Run far away where her shame can't find her, and most of all, where she'll never have to see the look of blame in Mason's eyes. Feeling like a complete failure, she scrambles to make plans. But the voice of her mate-to-be penetrates her frantic thoughts, asking for the chance to show her just how much she is loved.

It hurts Mason deeply to hear Darcy's thoughts, knowing the events of the previous night have completely rattled her. Grieving over the death of his beloved sister Jasmine, Mason knows he has to act fast. Darcy is all he's ever wanted and the idea of life without her is unacceptable. Armed with his unswerving love and wolfish charm, he sets out to remind her just how valuable she is and why there is no one else for him but her. 

Can Darcy let go of the shame of failure consuming her or will Mason convince her that after all is said and done, she truly is... cherished?

My thoughts:
This is the ultimate love story!  
     Belinda has again brought us Darcy, the incredible heroine from book one.  In Cherished, she is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her friend and soon-to-be mate's sister and her feelings of responsibility for that loss.  Mason is magnificent!  He is the man that all men (should) strive to be.  Compassionate, responsible, fair, honest, passionate, loyal, and honorable, of course it doesn't hurt that he is gorgeous!  
     Belinda has created characters that you can relate to, and I found myself searching the people in my own life looking for that kind of love and support.  
     Her writing is so detailed that the imagery brings the story to your brain like a movie.
The emotions are so real and raw that I found myself in tears, holding my breath, on the edge of my seat, and still wanting more.
     I am thrilled to have the opportunity to review this book!  I LOVED the first Mystic Wolves book - Without Mercy - and was waiting for another.  I am fortunate to be able to call Belinda Boring a friend and I am so excited about her publishing another fabulous story!
    I can't wait for book 3, 4, and more!!!!
You can buy an ecopy of this book HERE.

Review: Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas

Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas

***I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review and participation in the virtual book tour being presented by Bewitching Book Tours.

Amazon Product Description:
    Touted as the sexiest party of the year, the annual Halloween Fantasy Ball is the one place a girl can let loose and succumb to her wildest fantasies. 
    Disguised as a sexy vampire huntress, Sasha captures the attention of Dante, a real life creature of the night. For Sasha, meeting bona fide vampire is enough to fulfill one of her life long fantasies. She's ready to go home a happy woman. 
     But Dante has other plans. It is after all, a night of fantasies, and he has a few of his own to share.
     This Erotic Paranormal novella is approximately 20k words (80 printed pages). It contains consensual M/F/M sexual situations. Adult readers only.
My thoughts:
Wow - this is a hot one!  Not your typical Halloween read - vampires...yes, drinking blood...yes, but horror and  
This is a novella, so it's short.  You don't get a lot of background on the characters, or a load of character development, but the characters are charming, passionate, and entertaining!  
The Fantasy Ball is the Halloween party every girl has always wanted to get to go to, and of course Dante is the man that EVERY girl has fantasied about meeting at that party.  You get a little glimpse of Dante and his world - just enough to leave you hoping that there is another story on its way!
If you are looking for a hot, hot, hot Halloween vampire read - this is it!

Review: Born of Blood by Sherry Ficklin

Born of Blood by Sherry Ficklin

***I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Product Description:
Sophie D'Angelo reluctantly takes over the Palmetto Moon Detective Agency in Charleston. Though she's the third generation proprietor she had different plans until her father passed away and left her the family business. And it seems like all Sophie's plans fail lately. Her fiance, Eric, is turned into a vampire on the eve of their wedding. She now has a business partner rather than a life partner--or so she thinks.

Their current case seems like the act of some random arson, but as usual Sophie lands in a tough spot--bound with duct tape in the closet of a burning building. Will she escape and manage to save Eric who is slumped beside her, drugged and vulnerable to little else but fire? Will she maintain a strictly business relationship with her former love, and what part in this ongoing horror story will Rayne, leader of the vampires, play in her case? What part might he play in her personal life? Read Born of Blood, the premier book in the edgy Palmetto Moon horror series to find out. Coming in October, 2011 from Tell-Tale Publishing Group.

My thoughts:
     I am a Sherry Ficklin fan.  I have read and reviewed two other books by her, Foresight and Secondsight.  Because I already love the Gods of Fate series, I opened this book with an expectation that I don't experience when reading a new author.  The expectation was great characters set in a well developed world bringing me a story that I wouldn't want to put down!
     I was thrilled to once again find THAT story!  
The characters are great!  Sophie is fabulous.  She is all about duty, family, sacrifice and doing the right thing for the right reasons.  Eric is wonderful.  He is just the right mix of good and bad boy to make you fall for him.  Tyger is that element that we all have lurking.  Rayne is a whole lot of WOW that makes you wonder which one you would choose if they were real.  Sophie's family is an interesting mix and then there is Mercy - what can I say - you're supposed to not like her.... 
     I like how the "real" world is mixed with the paranormal world, with the mixed emotions and reactions from the people in the story, I found the setting to be believable and well developed.  
   The story itself moves quickly and the plot is thought out and planned to keep the reader reading and enjoying every word.  A great first look at the Palmeto Moon Detective Agency!  I can't wait for more from this series!

Review: Ink by S.J. Davis

Ink by S.J. Davis

***I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review and participation in the virtual book tour presented by Bewitching Book Tours.

Amazon Product Description:
“It’s a good day to die.” My mother holds my arm fiercely. “But as you grieve for me, listen for the voices. Then, you must get the ink.”

Sparrow stumbles between two worlds, light and dark, love and ate, what is real and what is in her mind. When her mother dies on the Reservation, Sparrow’s world is shadowed with anger and narrowed by pain. The voices arrive, but are they real? And how can a tattoo make her stronger?

My thoughts:
This is a whole lot of book in not a lot of pages.  The story is short, 80 pages, but is PACKED with powerful ideas, emotions, and images.  It questions the meaning of life.  I finished the story wishing it had been longer and hoping for the sequel.

The story tells of Sparrow's struggle, a struggle many people live every day.  The struggle with your inner demon.  That voice that tells you that you aren't quite as much as you could or should be.  The expectations of life and the people in it can be overpowering and all consuming, and this small, short story addresses that in a way that leaves the reader feeling empowered and ready to take control of life.

The author addresses and validates survivor guilt.  She talks about cutting as a form of pain release without judgement or scorn.  She tells a story of choices and how hard it can be to make them.  I enjoyed the story and can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

You can buy the kindle version HERE.
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