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First things first - I know you are all wondering about the giveaway right?!!! 
I am giving away EIGHT (8) ebooks from Leanore Elliott!  There will be EIGHT (8) winners!

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I have had the opportunity to interview Leanore Elliott - 
- Please welcome her!
? When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? At age 6. Yes, was writing shorts at that age. Was a full-fledged verbal storyteller by ten years old.
? How many jobs did you have before you became a writer? Lots! Baker, Chef and Pastry Chef. Food server for Marriott's and even Denny's. Owned three restaurants and managed countless others. I've even cooked for thousands of Boy and Girl Scouts at camps. I was known as Momma Bear to the LA county Girl Scout Association.
? How long does it take you to write a book? I've been known to write a full novel in three weeks time. Did that for six books in a row, I wrote ten novels in 2010 and I've already written 4 novellas this year as well as two short stories.
? What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? I get the story idea from a dream and I feel if I don't start it right away, I'll lose it. The other is, I won't allow any plot or story changes by editors. They can change all else, but I'm superstitious about the story itself.
? Do you have a routine that you use to get into the right frame of mind to write? No, I have a by the seat of your pants way of writing and I just let it flow.
? Where do you get your ideas or inspiration for your characters? From dreams and once I saw an old John Wayne film and by accident, it had the Griffith Observatory, up on a mountain in the backdrop while he rode across the plain. If gave me the idea for my Western Paranormal story.
? How do you decide what you want to write about? I don't. I believe I have a muse and she decides and she spins it. I am nothing but a glorified editor.
? What books have most influenced your life? Romance novels of course and tons of them in my past. However, I have not read a full book since I took up writing professionally. Five years now, I guess because I don't have to. I get to read and write at the same time!
? What do you like to do when you are not writing? I'm obsessed with writing and all else has been shoved aside. I do cook and garden though. Hubby and I love to watch all the old classic in movies, especially old westerns.
? What is your favorite comfort food? That freaking awesome chocolate!
? What do you think makes a good story? Intrigue, mystery and a lot of suspense. Two people who are at odds, and then have feelings for each other. Some hot scenes and great action. I also must write paranormal, I've tried to write a contemporary story and it always takes that paranormal turn.
? Who would you consider your favorite author and why? Emily Dickinson, my hero. Why? She changed the way people looked at female authors.
? What book, if any, do you read over and over again? I've read the Flame and The Flower many times in the past. It's old I know, but it influenced me early on. I loved that book.
Fun random questions: 
·        dogs or cats? One dog and plenty of cats!
·        Coffee or tea? Both but coffee a lot.
·        Dark or milk chocolate? Both, and again; throw in some white chocolate as well and I'm so there!
·        Rocks or flowers? I garden flowers but I have a rock collection?
·        Night or day? Night… always night.
·        Favorite color? Red, have to admit it--Red bold and flashing and any variation of it, love burgundy.
·        Crayons or markers? Markers, they flow better and I'm all about the flow. (wink)
·        Pens or pencils? Pens, only I can never find one when I need it.
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Thanks so much to Leanore for the fantastic interview and you all for reading it!
***you can buy Leanore Elliott's books on Amazon ***

These are some of the titles offered :

Review: Bonded by Blood by Laurie London

Bonded by Blood by Laurie London

*purchased this book

Amazon Product Description:
In this sizzling, sexy novel, debut author Laurie London invites readers into the Sweetblood world...

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, two vampire coalitions battle for
supremacy--Guardian enforcers who safeguard humanity and Darkbloods, rogues who kill
like their ancient ancestors. 

Movie location scout Mackenzie Foster-Shaw has always known that she's cursed to die young. No one can protect her from the evil that has stalked her family for generations--vampires who crave her rare blood type. Until one afternoon in a wooded cemetery, she encounters an impossibly sexy stranger, a man she must trust with her life.

For Dominic, a man haunted by loss, Mackenzie satisfies a primal hunger that torments him--and the bond they share goes beyond heat, beyond love. She alone can supply the strength he needs to claim his revenge. But in doing so, he could destroy her....
My thoughts:
The author takes the reader on an adventure filled with mystery, danger, romance, need, and desire.  What stands out for me are the characters!  She has created her vampires to be sexy, strong, honorable and driven.  She has given her vampires the ability to not only exist in the human world but thrive there.  Mackenzie is a rare sweet blood, both appealing and addicting to all vampires, and Dom is a vampire!  The attraction between the two is electric! Their relationship is hot, hot, hot!   Dom is fabulous and Mackenzie is simply wonderful.  The supporting characters throughout the book are strong and add volumes to the story. 
The story is fast paced, putting the book down wasn't even a consideration.  I found myself completely immersed into Mackenzie and Dom's world, hanging on each sentence while the story unfolded for me.  
*If this is what we are getting as a debut - I can't imagine what is in store for us!  Incredible!