Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thing 14: Library Thing

This is one of my favorite things so far. I am really enjoying the Library Thing. I spent a number of hours today adding books to each of my catalogs on Library Thing. I enjoy seeing which books other members have in common and can't wait to get my cuecat so I can finish entering the rest of my books. I have done most of the books in my room, my son's Jeff Smith and Brian Jacques, and plan to move on to my daughter's bookshelf and the as yet unfinished library here at home. (I am waiting for the cuecat before I do all those though). Linking them to the blog didn't work the way I thought it would, but it did work - so you can look at both my DragonLibrary8 and Page Masters catalogs from the links. I have entered 178 from home and right around 200 at school. I think it will be fun to see what everyone else is reading - scary to see how many books I have that I have not even thought about starting yet. - - so many books, so little time...

Thing 14: Library Thing

My home library catalog at Library Thing - DragonLibrary8

Thing 14: Library Thing Catalog Link

Library Thing - Page Masters Catalog

Google Docs Idea

I was just talking about google docs with a teacher here at school and he had a great idea for using it without group work. He was saying that he could have students writing papers and collaborating with him, that way when they were finished with the rough draft he could add comments. I think that would work well. The students could write their paper, he can edit that part, they can then go back to make revisions, turn it back in, and so on...

Thing 14: Library Thing

I Love Library Thing! I have signed up for two accounts! One that I already blogged about, for my own home library, and one for the reading club at school. The one for school is called Page Masters. It will be used for the books that are given to the students as reading rewards. My hope is that the students will go on Library Thing, look at the list, think about which books they would like to win, and comment about additional titles they would like to see on the list. I am thrilled to have found this tool.

Thing 9

I finally got it!!! Thank you Kathy for working with me on googledocs! I think googledocs are an amazing tool. I was having trouble with this thing and chatted with my friend Kathy, who is also doing 23 things on a stick, and now I think it is great! We worked on a document - even editing at the same time - it shows you everything. It shows who edited, when they edited, and what they did when they edited. I feel this will be a very useful tool for teachers giving students group projects to work on. I don't see too many uses in the media center - although I think the students might like a running reading recommendation list. I will try to get one set up and blog again if the students like it.