Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey there - just checking in and asking a couple questions.

I hope all you other 23 Thingers are enjoying the almost spring - let's all hope that we are done with the snow!

I remember seeing that 23 Things was worth 12 contact hours (CEUs) and I was wondering who I contacted to get the certificate for that? Anyone out there have the answer? Please let me know.

I find that as the end of the school year draws near I have less and less time - I am sure I'm the only one! Ha! Ha!

I am looking for ideas for ways to encourage readers in middle school and above. Let me know if you have any ideas - tried and true or otherwise. Thanks in advance.
(Here is an idea I wanted to share (again) with you all): Timberwolves Read-to-Achieve program -- check it out for next year - it was amazing!

I miss the pressure of the 23 Things deadline - I always found time to get on and blog when I had a schedule of "Things" to do - I guess I will have to try harder to make blogging higher on my priority list.