Sunday, March 9, 2014

Codename Chimera by J.K. Persy

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Guest Post
About us. Our names are Jake and Kate Persy and we’re young, self-publishing writers. We’re a happy couple, we have a healthy, active lifestyle and our motto is, ‘The best moment to be happy is right now’.

About our book. Codename: Chimera is a fast-paced whodunit mystery. Because of its easy, laid-back style, the pace of the action and the absorbing puzzles, the book soon took off. In Codename: Chimera, the detective and his friends investigate a chain of bloody events with links to an ancient curse. The terrible secret they are trying to get to the bottom of is shrouded in the legend of a mythical creature, Chimera.   

Social impact. We wanted to do more than just write an interesting story; we wanted to share our philosophy with you, and our motto, ‘The best moment to be happy is right now’, sums it up perfectly. Using the example of the characters in Codename: Chimera, we wanted to show you how important it is to savour every single second, and not put off until tomorrow what life holds for you today.