Monday, March 3, 2014

Blog Tour: Collision Course by Chuck Gleason

Amazon Book Description: Collision Course by Chuck Gleason

Collision Course is a warm loving story about two college kids, Lincoln Comstock and Keli Holloway, who get off on a rocky road to romance.  In their creative writing course, Lincoln trashes Keli's first offering before the entire class, just to get her attention.  Keli is very sensitive about her creative efforts.  As a consequence, Lincoln has started his romance by shooting himself in the foot.

Lincoln's persistence pays off eventually as Keli agrees to be friends, just not romantic friends.   In their junior year, the friendship endures the student body presidential election in which Keli and Lincoln are actually pitted against each other.  After the election Keli finally agrees to go to the Christmas formal as Lincoln's date.
Just as the friendship is turning into love, obstacles get in the way. Can their love withstand a  last collision?

Is there a literary Grandpa Moses in our midst? Author Chuck Gleason age 84, is writing love stories at a prodigious rate. Author of Collision Course, Chuck Gleason says,"We've been married 63 years. Ought to know something about love." Collision Course is a warm loving story about two college kids off on a rocky road to romance. A story filled with excitement and love, guaranteed to leave readers smiling. 

(I received this book at no charge in exchange for an honest review).

My thoughts:
A truly remarkable book.  Collision Course is unexpected in its intensity.  The story is filled with well made, realistic characters that live within its pages.  It is essentially a romance novel, but the message is so much more than that.  This book is not only a love story, it is a story about v
alues, friendship, family, honor and honesty, self worth, goals, desires, becoming a grown up and purpose.  And of course love.  The thing that makes this such a remarkable read is that the author shows the reader what all these look and feel like for the characters, while causing the reader to think about where they are and who represent those things in their own world.  

The book reads easily and quickly, the story unfolding from of the pages and grabbing the reader.  I enjoyed it.

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