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Blog Tour: The Raie'Chaelia by Melissa Douthit

Raie'Chaelia by Melissa Douthit

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Amazon Story Summary:

When Chalice sets off for Branbury in the middle of the night with her grandfather's instructions, she has no idea of the dangers that await her. The King's men have destroyed her home village of Canton and she is suddenly thrown into a Terravailian world that she does not know. Lost and alone, she is hard pressed to evade the iron grasp of the madman that rules the land. With the help of a friendly Chinuk, an old man, and a book that she discovers along the way, not only does she find true love, but she also finds her true self and what it means to be the Raie'Chaelia.
My thoughts:
This is a beautifully written story.  The language is precise and descriptive.  The characters are wonderfully created and well-developed.  The story is filled with mystery, prophecy, and secrets.  This is an incredible adventure story!  The storyline and plot are complex and intriguing.  The story is fast-paced, but doesn't leave the reader behind.  The animals are fantastic.  Melissa Douthit must be a wordsmith!  She weaves the language in such a way that the reader is enthralled by the story.  This is original and unique in a world where sometimes stories can seem similar.  Her world building skills are incredible leaving us with fascinating scenes that come alive from the pages.  Her characters are the stuff a person wants to be made of: clever, brave, strong, honorable, driven, loyal, and loving.  
Throughout our lives, I believe we are all searching for something and it was refreshing to read this wonderful adventure in which the search is more than just the road and the prize is more than just the obvious.  I can't wait to read more!  

Blog Tour: Vampire's Curse by S.J. Wright (Giveaway too!)

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Welcome to The Wormhole and my day on the blog tour!
Please welcome S.J. Wright!
Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, at a time when children were still not required to use seatbelts in a vehicle, S.J. Wright grew up as the sixth of seven sisters.  She moved around a lot as a child, spent a good deal of her time reading books about horses, roller-skating (in an attempt to find Xanadu), and daydreaming about becoming a novelist.
She now lives in Little Elm, Texas with her husband, two sons, and one Jack Russell terrier that follows her around the house like a shadow.  She is the prime caregiver to her youngest son, who has spina bifida.  She loves horses (and swears one day she’ll actually get the guts to ride one again).
In February of 2011, she released her first paranormal suspense/romance novel called The Vampire’s Warden.  She plans to release a total of four books for the series.  S.J. (Stephanie) also loves hearing from her readers!  Be sure to check out her website at
I am always curious about what makes writers tick and she was gracious enough to allow me an interview! So read on...
How many jobs did you have before you became a writer?
I love this question!  I’m forty years old and have done a lot of different kinds of jobs in the past.  I’ve probably had ten or eleven jobs before I became a writer.  The worst job I ever had was working in a plastics factory in South Bend, Indiana.  I had given birth to my first son six weeks before I was hired, and I was raising him by myself.  Getting up several times a night with a colicky infant and then going into a factory to work a twelve-hour shift is not a pleasant wy to pass the time.  But it did make me realize how responsible I could be.\

Do you have a routine that you use to get into the right frame of mind to write?
I wish I did have a routine.  One element that always helps me to get into the writing portion of this job is music.  Depending on what kind of scene I’m working on, music can really lift me up and move me forward into the story with a real sense of power.  While writing one of the fight scenes in The Vampire’s Curse, I was listening to “Fuel” by Metallica.  It totally gets the adrenaline going.

What are you reading right now? 
I just started reading The Traitor’s Wife by Susan Higginbotham.  It’s historical fiction set in the 1300’s in England.  I’m a freak for historical fiction but not strictly romances.  I’ve also begun reading more novels that document the U.S. during the Great Depression.  It’s fascinating to learn how different life was back then.

What is your favorite comfort food?
I love lime-seasoned nacho chips with southwestern ranch dip.  And if I have a book that I’m really into at that moment, I could stand at the kitchen counter and eat all day while I’m reading on my Kindle.  I try to avoid buying those chips very often.  Not a good habit to get into.  I’m also a fool for chocolate.

Random fun facts:
* Dark or milk chocolate? 
     I’ve developed a taste for dark chocolate rather recently.  Especially since that report came out that said the stuff is good for you.  Anybody who says chocolate is healthy deserves a medal, if you ask me!
* dogs or cats?  Dogs!  But cats do have their good qualities. 
Coffee or tea?  
Coffee in the morning with lots of cream.  Sometimes I drink iced tea in the afternoon if I’m all out of Diet Cherry Coke. 
And now . . . that giveaway!!!

The next stop on the blog tour is: Aug 27 – Adventures of a Cautionary Tale
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