Thursday, May 26, 2011

I got to meet Richelle Mead!!! Giveaway!!!!!!

This is me and Richelle Mead!!!

With the amazing weather we have been experiencing here in MN, it's hard to remember what a horrible winter we just lived through.  That's what keeps any of us living here - because if we remembered we would move before it got cold again!  The reason I mention winter is because Richelle had a signing planned in December, but was forced to cancel due to the blizzard in the Twin Cities (the one that collapsed the dome).  So...with motherhood in her very near future, we were all afraid there would be no rescheduled signing - - We were wrong!!! We were privy to one of the only touring dates she has planned and it was GREAT!
The event started with her reading the first chapter of Blood Lines - Oh how I want that one!
Then she surprised us by having a drawing and giving away five LUCKY attendees ARCs of Blood Lines - no I wasn't one of them. Then she signed books, up to three per person.  It was a great time.
To celebrate the signing I decided to giveaway my extra copy of Storm Born (no it isn't signed).

To enter: fill out the form below.  Thanks!  Happy reading.