Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: The Argentine Triangle by Allan Topol

Amazon Product Description:
After a fall from grace and drastic cosmetic surgery in Switzerland, former CIA director Craig Page is enjoying a new, exhilarating life racing cars across Europe. But when new dangers threaten America and an old friend goes missing during a covert mission in Argentina, will Craig be ready to step up to the plate? 

Undercover in the glamorous world of Buenos Aires’ wealthy elite, Page finds himself on the brink of a terrible discovery. General Estrada and Colonel Schiller have plans for Argentina, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A world of brutality hidden in the classified secrets of Argentina’s Dirty War comes to light, painting an image of the cataclysmic future awaiting Estrada’s South America. To expose Estrada and put an end to his plot, Page is forced to implement every instinct, skill, and tool in his arsenal. But when it comes time to close in for the kill, Page meets with unexpected complications—love, lust, and a lethal game of cat and mouse. 

My thoughts:
I like a good political thriller so I was glad to receive this book in exchange for an honest review.  

The story started fast and is filled with action.  The characters are interesting and the story holds you.  The author paints the world for the reader; rich with history and detail, including much of the darkness.   In the characters we find corruption, power, greed and revenge as well as dedication, devotion and loyalty as driving forces.  This was my first Allan Topol book, so I was a little lost in some of the character's backgrounds, but it did not deter from the story.  If you are like me and always want to know more, I would suggest reading the books in order so that you had all of the back story.

I enjoyed reading the book and would readily read more from this author.