Monday, February 18, 2008

Thing 3: Set up an RSS Account & Add

This one was fun! Thank goodness I have a seasoned blogger sharing my work space!!! I love the "Sub with Bloglines" fast button, traditionally called a favorite. I put this as a link on my link spot - I am soooo up to date on the techno babble - and then adding blogs was a breeze. I now have a bloglines spot (account)! I am excited to have this new (to me) technology to check out, not only what the 23 Things folks are up to, but also news, authors, book reviews, and so much more! I have read all the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson and have never checked out the Fang blog - so now that I have added it to my aggregator, I plan to. I am also planning to suggest the blog to students who have also read the books. I searched google blogs for adds that were similar, but must look again later.

Thing 2: articles with more views on Web 2.0 & libraries

The Internet as a resource is amazing! So much information readily accessed by everyone with a computer. The possiblities are endless for its use. I do find students unwillingness to use any other resources for their work troubling. I realize that the dictionary on-line is fast, but the ability to use a dictionary is still a skill they should possess. As with any great tool, there is a responsibility to learn how to use it properly or most effectively. This is where we, as library workers and teachers, come in. It could be a revolution - we all have to stay up to speed.

Why am I participating in 23 Things on a stick and what do I hope to learn? I am participating in this program because I don't know a lot enough about what is out there and available to us all on the Internet to be an effective tool for students or myself. I am hoping to learn more and be able to use that knowledge in the library to the benefit of the students and staff, as well as myself.

Thing 2: The Ongoing Web Revolution

This article was exciting to me! I love the idea of the web being "...a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter." Well, not the millions of people, but as a tool to bring the library, the students, and the staff at this school together! I agree that the Internet has become the computer and that "Trust drive change." The most exciting part for me is what is already going on in libraries out there. The "Bookspaces" and the Meebo Me's and such. I can't wait to get some of that going on here in our library!

Thing 2: Stephen Abram video

I have watched the video. What to say?! Wow, 15 minute commitment. I must be slower than most because 15 minutes have come and gone a few times since I started this thing.
I liked the idea of choice - empowering yourself to make choices. That is something that I find so valuable to both adults and students, for every choice determines the choices in the future. I too believe that we are experience based learners and that we need to set priorities, but I also know how difficult it can be to always center around those priorities - especially as a student. "Unintended consequences" is far too hit or miss (in a positive manner) for my comfort, although I think that time for reflection is paramount.