Monday, August 15, 2016

Suddenly I read less

As I am sure you can tell, I have blogged less and less each year for the last few years, until last year when I was almost non-existant in the blog world.  I think I have finally found a happy medium between reading all the time and never taking the time to read.  I am sure that for most of you, this is something you have had figured out for years, but I guess I am slow.  

I am finally to a point where I believe that I am living my life instead of just reading about the lives of others.  It is a change that has taken some adjustment.  Instead of reading 100+ books each year, my goal is to read 12 reaview books and 12 just for fun books.

I just wanted to put that out there.  If I have agreed to read a book for you and haven't finished my review yet, I am sorry.  Thank you for your continued patience.  I am working through my review books; but have boxes of books, a computer that didn't survive the move as well as it could have, a lost external hard drive (I believe it is in a box in the garage), and at least one flash drive that no longer wants to be accessed.  

Thank you again for your patience, I look forward to getting back into blogging again.