Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Keridan's Journey by Michelle Peterson

Keridan's Journey by Michelle Peterson

Amazon Product Description:
Project manager by day and artist by night, Keridan Patrick's simple world ended with the death of her mother. The father she never knew showed up after twenty-five years and introduced her to a new world cloaked in secrecy and myth. While fighting to keep some semblance of normalcy to her suddenly unpredictable world, she chanced to meet the mysterious Sahaj. Sahaj had ran for hundreds of years from the one soul he was destined to be with but was transfixed by the one he could not live without. Would old flames and new enemies stand in the way of love?
My thoughts:
The story was interesting.  I enjoyed the idea of sirens and the half human/half siren main character. 
I was confused by the prologue, it didn't seem to fit with the jacket blurb.  I was intrigued by the beginning of chapter one and so the prologue was redeemed by a great start. 
The characters weren't as developed as I would have liked and the relationship between Keridan and her father was odd.  After being MIA for twenty-five years, I would have been less forgiving, but perhaps that is just me. 
I did enjoy the story, although not perfectly written, it held my interest and kept me entertained (which is the reason I love to read).  I love myths and mythical beings so the storyline fits for me.  Everyone enjoys a good secret, and the one person you can't live without is what we all truly hope for.