Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm feeling clever!!!

I just had to comment because I am feeling so clever! I just had what I thought was a revolutionary idea; I added a link from my blog to my RSS aggregator and one from my aggregator to my blog! I was thinking that was the greatest idea - but now, after sharing my, "Wow, am I ever clever!" idea with my co-worker I have realized that I am not really all that clever. I do still believe that I will use the links.


Kathy Martin said...

It was clever. I just pointed out that you would already know that you had posted something to your blog even without going to Bloglines.

Keep going. You're doing great!

Beverly said...

Thanks so much - I had decided that perhaps it is common sense to someone who is more tech savvy than I - and only clever for the newbee like me.