Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing 2: John Blyberg blogspot comment

Just wanted to add my comment from John Blyberg's blogspot to my blog.
This is what I had to say:
I had no idea that there was a Library 2.0 until I was introduced to 23 Things on a Stick by the Media Specialist that I work with. I feel that the library is a vital and important part of not only our history, but of our children’s education. I also feel that for this to remain true, we have to be willing to change and stay with the times. I believe that with a little effort we can be a place that people continue to value even as time goes by.

Thing 1: Avatar

Thing 1: posting 2: 2/15/08
I enjoyed creating the Avatar. So many choices!!! I am not sure that the final result is anything like me, I am sure that I personally have no dragon. I had a hard time getting the Avatar to export to my blog, I didn't realize that my computer was blocking the pop-ups, I thought I was just not doing something right. I got it now!
This was a lot of fun. I am sure that the students would love this.

Thing 1

Thing 1: blog 1: 2/14/08
This is all new to me - I have never even been on a blog before. Having a blog is something I did not consider. This sounds like it will be fun! Now - on to the Avatar!