Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Dealers of Light by Lara Nance

Dealers of Light by Lara Nance

***I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Product Description:
A malevolent group of Light-Dealers have surfaced in Cara Collin's hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. Led by an ancient Aztec demon, the "Takers" are torturing and murdering their way to world domination. As the horror spreads, Cara-who has the ability to send "Light" into others to augment healing-receives a special power from a patient making her a crucial weapon in stopping the Takers. But, she must figure out how to use the gift before the Takers make her their next target. When mysterious Rolf Van Harding shows up in town with information that may help her, she's torn between joining his quest and running for her life. When she discovers he's a powerful, ancient Light-Dealer she fears their growing passion will be a weakness-a weakness that could allow the Takers to murder the last remaining Light-Dealer capable of stopping them.

My thoughts:
Wonderful story! Creative, clever, and new.
The characters are strong, dedicated, and realistic.  They are carefully created, well-developed and easy to invest in emotionally.  Cara captures your heart in the first few pages and never lets go.  Rolf is that guy that we all can't help but love.
The story itself is original and entertaining.  The pages seem to melt together as the characters and their story virtually come to life for the reader. 
This is another fantastic read by Lara Nance.  I can't wait for more!