Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review: Shapeshifter by Holly Bennett

I received this book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers Group.
Shapeshifter by Holly Bennett is an incredible story.  It tells of loyalty, determination, love, fear, control, and desire.  It is the story of a girl, a shapeshifter girl, but of so very much more than that.  I am not sure what I was expecting when I opened the cover of this book, but what I got was amazing.  I fell in love with the characters.  The names, not so much - but I think there is meaning in them too.  The main character, Sive, is stronger than she could ever imagine.  It is this strength that in so many ways is both her downfall and her saving grace.  Sive is a powerful singer with a magical voice and once the Dark Man hears her, her life changes forever.  The Dark Man - obviously the villain, is everything you expect the bad guy to be, in spades.  He is treacherous and cold, cunning and evil and will stop at nothing to have the power of Sive's voice.  Sive's father is one of my favorite characters, he makes me think of my own father, those incredible men who would stop at nothing to save their children.  I would have liked to learn more about Sive and Finn's son, Oisin.   I truly enjoyed the story, although it is sad in so many ways.  I was, as I always am, hoping for the happy ending - and I wasn't disappointed.

Mini Review: Moira Rogers - Down and Dirty Series

I love Moira Rogers books - just wanted to start my post with that statement, because I didn't love this mini-series.  They are short novellas and although I have loved everything else I have read by her - these just didn't have enough story for me.
I try to do my reviews with the WWW theory.
W: Why did I pick it up? I picked these up because I love her stuff and thought I would try them.  (Why did I read all three when I wasn't loving them? Because I wanted to see if there was more story in the next one, and then the next one).
W: What did I like about it? I love the characters.  Moira Rogers always builds a character that pretty much demands that you like her.  The men are always gorgeous and the women are always strong.
W: What didn't I like about it? I didn't like that I thought there was too much sex and not enough story.
Although these weren't my favorite reads of the summer - I will still grab the next Moira Rogers book I see and read that too!

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