Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Tour: Mutinty by Jacqueline Gardner (Giveaway)

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Welcome to The Wormhole and my day on the tour.
It is my pleasure to feature Mutiny and Jacqueline Gardner.
We have been lucky enough to have a guest post!

Guest Post 2 - Being Opposites

My husband and I are opposites.  He has blond hair and blue eyes, and I have black hair and brown eyes.  He can have hour long conversations with complete strangers, and I have a hard time opening up to people.  He's a total early bird, and I'm a die-hard night owl.  And the list goes on and on.

When the two of us first started dating, I would always come home thinking the same thing.  I really like him but we have absolutely nothing in common!  But after getting to know him better, I realized I was wrong.  Though opposites at first glance, we were actually a lot more alike than either of us had ever thought.  So much in fact that it didn't take long for us to start thinking the same things at the same time.

In my book MUTINY, Eric and Mariella (the two main characters) are complete opposites.  Eric is a soldier who thinks a lot like a computer.  He calculates probabilities and scenarios before making a choice, and he has been brought up to always follow orders.  Mariella is a rule-breaker.  She usually acts before she thinks, and she lets her emotions guide her decision making.

By the end of the book, Eric and Mariella discover that they are tied together in a way they never could have imagined.  Their personalities actually complement each other and they end up learning something new about themselves.  First impressions usually aren't correct.   

M.E.R. series, #1

Book Blurb:

Eric's life aboard a top secret stealth submarine as a member of the government’s M.E.R. program has been about discipline, cunning and survival.

As both a soldier and a natural born regenerator, he can heal from any wound, but to stay alive he must accept a vein-burning serum that prevents his DNA from over-mutating. In exchange Eric must follow his Chief Commander’s every order. And never ask questions, no matter the assignment.

When he goes ashore on his first solo mission he runs into a complication he didn't expect; Mariella, the target’s daughter. She’s about to change everything.

Author Bio:

 Jacqueline Gardner works as a Story Editor for the production company, Labragirl Pictures. Her love of storytelling began at an early age when she would make up stories with her grandmother before bedtime.

 In early 2010, she completed her first novel and has been stuck on writing ever since. She resides in Colorado and loves hiking, writing, fantasy fiction, and all things cupcake.

 Twitter: @Writer_Jacque
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