Monday, August 22, 2011

A HUGE Thank you for books I have received lately!!!!

I want to start with - "Sorry I am so bad at letting other bloggers know when I get books that have been sent to me.  You are all amazing and I should be more gracious.  For what it is worth, I am thrilled every single time I win a book!  I love when there is a package in my mailbox and I squee for each one."
What I am trying to say is:  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
If I have won a book from you and haven't posted it or sent you an email, please forgive me.
Here are some that I have gotten recently.
The Hot List by Hillary Homzie - won at Reading Lark
Hades (ARC) by Alexandra Adornetto - from publisher
Cipher by Moira Rogers - won on her blog
A Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep (signed!!!) - won at Words for Teens
Doodling by Jonathan Gould - won from Emily Muise
Thanks again!  If I have failed to contact you and you are wondering - please email me!

Blog Tour: Silver Moon by Stacey Thompson-Geer (giveaway!)

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Welcome to The Wormhole and my day on the tour!
Please help me welcome Stacey Thompson-Geer!

Stacey is a wife and mother of three. She started writing in High School with horror short stories. One of her first is now published through the kindle - Silver Bullet. When she's not dreaming up her next story or novel, she can be found hanging out with her kids or reading one of her favorite authors. She is also an avid Facebooker and Twitter user. Stop by her website to see what she's working on and any of her backlist work.
Twitter @staceytg
...and on to the interview!
( When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I don't know that I really thought about it for a long time. I knew that I really loved to write, but I didn't really understand what being a writer meant. I guess I became a writer in my mind about two years ago and that was when I truly knew I wanted to be a writer.

( How many jobs did you have before you became a writer? A lot. I have done everything you could think of as a job. I did have my own business for 14 years as a bead articst just before I started writing again.

( How long does it take you to write a book? That depends on the book. Sometimes it comes out fast and gets written in a few weeks. Other times it could take months or years. Silver Moon took me almost a year and it's more of a novella.

( What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? I have a few, lol. I think the most interesting one is that I write everything on Google docs. I know it sound a little odd, but it's a great platform and I can write with any computer, even my mobile stuff.

( Do you have a routine that you use to get into the right frame of mind to write? I don't really have a routine. I sit down and start writing. Some days I do like to have some music going, but it does alter my writing, so I don't do it all the time.

( Where do you get your ideas or inspiration for your characters? I take parts of people I know and people I see on the street. I wonder what thier story is and how it could become a book or short story.

( How do you decide what you want to write about? I don't really do a whole lot. I will sometimes get a story running in my head and jsust go with it. There are other times, I'll run across an interesting place or person and research it more. Sometimes that leads to a great story. With Silver Moon, I use St Thomas in Nevada. It has a neat history and is no longer a town, but the history of it caught my eye.

( What books have most influenced your life? Horror has influenced me a lot. I used to love reading lots of horror books and stories and still do. I also like adventure stories and find I still read them now.

( What is the first book you remember reading by yourself? I remember reading the Fear Street books. They were the first ones that really caught my eye. I loved them and would read them as fast as I could, just to know what happened in the end.

( What are you reading right now? Night Veil by Yasmine Galenorn.

( What do you like to do when you are not writing? I like to watch movies and read a lot. I still read a lot of horror, but Romance is something that has been creeping in.

( What is your favorite comfort food? A cheese pizza. I love eating a good old Tombstone pizza.

( What do you think makes a good story? Good characters. The story is not going to mean anything if the characters don't pull you in.

( Who would you consider your favorite author and why? Stephen King is probably my favorite. I love how he creates a world and pulls you into it.

( What book, if any, do you read over and over again? It's a tie between "Firestarter" and "The Three Musketeers".

Fun random questions: 

dogs or cats? Cats

Coffee or tea? Niether. I want a Pepsi, lol.

Dark or milk chocolate? Milk Chocolate

Rocks or flowers? Flowers

Night or day? Night.

Favorite color? Purple or Black

Crayons or markers? Markers

Pens or pencils? Pens
...and on to the giveaway!!!

You can buy a copy of this book HERE.
There is another tour stop today at: Authors By Authors
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Happy Reading!

Blog Tour: Indian Summer by Emily Cale

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Welcome to The Wormhole and my day on the tour!
...and now, for your reading pleasure... 
an excerpt from Indian Summer by Emily Cale!
(excerpt from Chapter One...)
     Watching cars, motorcycles, and rickshaws zip past her, Cara sat on the stoop of the guesthouse where she was staying. Each time a car would slow down, her hand would grasp the handle of her field bag, hoping that the car belonged to the diver who was to take her to the research office. So far, they had all been slowing down just to stop and stare at her. Colleagues had told her that people would stop to look at her pale skin, but she had thought they were exaggerating. After only a few brief moments outside, it was obvious it hadn't been a joke.
     Every so often, one of the bright yellow rickshaws would stop and offer her a ride, the man inside speaking a language she couldn't understand and motioning to the back of the cart situated atop a motorbike. Most left after she shook her head no, but a few would persist, calling her ma'am and saying please, the only English they seemed to know. If the morning hadn't already been so bad, she might have had more patience for thier antics, but at a quarter to seven, she already felt like the entire day had been a failure.

You can buy your own copy of the story at Amazon!
The next stop on the blog tour is: Aug 23 – Every Day Is An Adventure

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Review: Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule

Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule

***I received this ebook at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Product Description:
Thirteenth Daughter. Heritage Witch. Demon Slayer.

They say every town has its secrets, but that doesn’t even begin to describe Whispering Pines. The townsfolk are a superstitious lot and the mystical disappearance of a local teen has everyone murmuring about a centuries old witch’s curse.

Sixteen-year-old Shiloh Ravenwolf is a heritage witch from the Broussard family, a family both destined and cursed. When she takes a summer job at Ravenhurst Manor, she discovers a ghost with an agenda. That’s where she meets the new town hottie, Trent Donovan, and immediately becomes spellbound by his charms.

Finally, Shiloh's met someone who is supercute and totally into her, but Trent may be the next victim on the supernatural hit list. And Shiloh is the only person with the power to save him. Complicated much?

It sucks to have a destiny, especially since Shiloh would rather spend her summer being a normal girl who worries about clothes and boys, not the supernatural. But she’s never been normal and the stranger things become the more her own magical senses awaken.

With cryptic messages from a pesky wraith, she will begin to understand the mysterious significance of the strange mark branded on her wrist and decide how much she's willing to sacrifice to protect the other teenagers in town.

Unfortunately, for Shiloh, not all ghosts want help crossing over. Some want vengeance. 

My Thoughts:
Wow! This is a fantastic read!  It is captivating!  Brilliantly written.  This alluring tale is original and yet classic at the same time.  It is more than just your average story of good (light) versus evil (dark).  This is a story of jealousy, greed, betrayal, sacrifice, desire, and love.  It is a story of what happens when what a person wants corrupts them into doing the unthinkable, and the results of that corruption.  I was left wondering...what price is too high?

The characters are fantastic.  They are creatively and carefully constructed.  Their lives, relationships, interactions, and emotions are so realistic that I was instantly invested in their lives.  Each of the characters is living through trauma and/or some kind of personal drama that they are forced to struggle with every day.  The characters are given strong personalities and I found myself on an emotional rollercoaster with them as the story progressed.

Sherry Soule has created a mystery steeped in history and heritage, and hidden by fear, lies, deception and secrecy.  I was thrilled with the witchcraft/Wiccan/Native American Shaman combination of magic.
The plot twists and turns, by the end of the book I was hanging on to my seat unable to read fast enough to find out more!  Now, I can't wait for the next book in the series!