Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Lace & Leather and The Beholder by Leanore Elliott

Lace and Leather by Leanore Elliott

This was a great read!  I never know what to expect from a novella, but was pleasantly surprised by Leanore Elliott's story!!!  

Quick run down:  Woman out in the desert working on a survey (in the 20th century) sees a dust cloud that becomes a man on horseback as the dust clears, he grabs her up and throws her on the horse too and goes galloping off because he is being chased by indians.  After they stop, they realize that they are from completely different times.  They are connected by a scope - which she was looking through when she first saw the dust cloud - it had belonged to his father and she had gotten it as a gift from her father!  So, the story goes and they fall in love.  Later the scope from his time and the scope that she has with her end up in the same place - with them - and they are cast into their own times.  She then has to try to figure out how to get back to his time... okay that's all you get - no spoilers.

My thoughts:
The story is nothing I have ever read before!  I was thrilled by the time travel aspect!  There are very few characters and as I said this is a novella, so those characters need to be developed fast.  The author does a fantastic job of doing that!  I found myself laughing, smiling, cringing, totally invested in the characters and then at the end; on the edge of my seat hoping that they were able to find each other again.

The story is well written and wonderfully entertaining. 
I found myself wishing that it was a full fledged novel and that it wouldn't end as fast as it did.  

The Beholder by Leanore Elliott

Book Blurb:
" There is a season for every thing, a reason for the rain, a place in the sky for the sun. A cosmic avenue stretches across a blackboard in the stratosphere, for the stars to twinkle and whole nights are set aside, just for the shining of the moon. But for love, there is no certain time for it to occur, no place where it will surely happen. When this emotional phenomenon appears, there's no season and no logical reason for it at all..."

My thoughts:  
Once again I LOVED the characters that Leanore Elliott has created!  As in Lace and Leather there are few characters in the story, but they are fantastic!  Trace is a hired killer and Hayden is her 50th and last hit.  She fails.  He saves her after she is hit by a car and tells the hospital staff that she is his wife (for reasons even he doesn't understand) and when she wakes he is there.  This is not your classic love story, it is much more.  

You would think that an author wouldn't have enough time to really develop a story and the characters in such a short story, but this story leaves nothing out.  You get the past, present, and also a glimpse of the future for both Trace and Hayden.  This is a great read.

If you have never read anything by Leanore Elliott you are missing out!!! 

You can get more information and download some of her books here!