Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: The Naked Truth by Lilly Cain

The Naked Truth by Lilly Cain

***33,000 word eARC from NetGalley
Publication date: 6/13/11

Amazon Product Description:
Captain Susan Branscombe was the victim of brutal torture at the hands of terrorists. Though rescued, she's now facing an equally brutal accusation: treason.
The only way she can prove her innocence is to allow Asler Kiis, a Confederacy Examiner, to delve into the depths of her mind. Asler is Inarri, the alien race that made contact with Earth just months before. His duty is to find the truth, but when he explores Susan's mind he can't resist drawing her into a more intimate experience.
Susan takes comfort in Asler's heated sensuality. Their erotic sensory exploration chases away the darkness and her body aches for more. But as their desire reaches new limits Susan finds it difficult to suppress the memories she is desperate to forget.
Is the passion they share enough to let Susan push aside her fear and trust Asler, not only with her mind and body but with her ever-opening heart?

My Thoughts:
Creatively clever story!  The characters are incredible.  Asler Kiis, although an alien, is the man we all wish we had, of course we wish this deep down inside and don't tell.  He is everything a person can be in all ways: physically attractive, mentally gifted, emotionally stable, and psychologically secure.  Susan Branscombe is the tough, rugged, patriotic, independent, dedicated woman we all try our best to be as often as we can.  That she is damaged both physically and mentally from being tortured is what brings her into contact with Kiis, and then opens her up to the opportunity to learn more about both herself and him (also the possibility of a relationship beyond just sex).  The physical characteristics of the Inarri are described in such detail that I found myself seeing vivid pictures as I read the story.  
The setting is mainly on space crafts of one kind or another and the technology on-board is the stuff of a gifted imagination.  During the mind joining sessions between Susan and Kiis, we are shown glimpses into the world of the Inarri which is described so well that it is easy for the reader to keep the movie-like picture of the story going. We are also given small bits about where Susan is from, but only in a broad spectrum kind of way.
The storyline is one of a science fiction action adventure meets hot alien romance!  The styles of the aliens compared with the human military are what I imagine they would truly be if there were aliens.  It was easy for me to invest myself in the plot.  
*The story was well done all the way around.  This was a one sitting read for me - I couldn't put it down!  I loved the ending and can hardly wait for more books in this series!