Friday, April 18, 2008

Spotlight on Books ~ 20th. Anniversary Seminar

Greetings all! I am pleased to report that I was successful in arriving in Grand Rapids in time to attend the Spotlight on Books seminar! I was able to meet many wonderful people who also braved the blizzard. Meeting D.J. MacHale was the driving factor (that and my 4-wheel-drive Jeep) in my desire to go to the conference, but I was equally impressed by all the presenting authors/illustrators.

The speakers were all great - so much talent and insight!!!

Jim Trelease came out of retirement to speak two separate times - "WOW!" he is truly inspiring, I can't wait to try out some of his ideas.

Mary Casanova was there - I didn't know she has an entire mystery series - I had to get them all! She too was both interesting and inspiring.

Debra Frasier told us about illustrating her books and about the summer reading theme that is based on her birthday cake book. She shared with us the process you go through to write and illustrate a story and how valuable your editor is. She says anyone can write - you just have to start.

D.J. MacHale, the author of the Pendragon books, made it too. I was excited to meet him and tell him how much my reading club students and I love his stories. What was extra cool - was that I was asked to do the introduction for him at the seminar! I was honored. I was the only person there that had read everything he has written, so they asked me to tell the group about his books and introduce him. It was great!!!

I also was fortunate to sit with the author of the Marion books, Brook Berg, during the dinners. That was awesome too -