Friday, February 22, 2008

Thing 7: Web 2.0 Communication Tools

I have been working my way through the numbered list for thing 7, taking notes so I could blog later - when my co-worker suggested that I blog as I go, save, and then post last. Seems so simple now that she said it out loud - - old habits die hard - I am trying to pull myself into the tech world. so, here we go:

1. email: I only check my email once a day at work - I actually have a note on my computer to remind myself to do it that once - I get so busy with students, staff, and books. I can't imagine worrying about how fast my new emails came in. I have however set up e-forms for the students in the reading club and those forms are emailed to me. I think it is an amazing tool. The students are able to access the forms from where ever they are and I get to read typed entries instead of hastily hand-written pages.

2. instant messaging: This is a tool that I don't feel would be of use in a high school media center setting. I am sure it would be helpful in an office setting, but here at school - not so much. I can see every computer in the lab from my desk and the students do not contact me outside of school hours. The other drawback is that IM is not allowed at our school.

2a. I watched the video, but wow....that is a language I do not understand. I don't spend enough time on my computer to have a conversation in IM. I also don't know anyone who has the time during the work day to IM me.

2b. The article brings up some good ideas, but in a school media center I don't feel that this is necessary or terribly useful.

2c. I am one of two people in my building working on 23 Things on a Stick and we sit next to each other - doesn't seem to make sense to IM (especially when I don't know the language - so I would have to ask her what words were) and it is not allowed at our school.

3. Text messaging: Cell phones are not allowed to be on during the school day here. I have used text messaging in the past and don't like it. I prefer to actually talk to a person when I am on the phone. I see a lot of younger people texting, but I don't find myself having the desire to follow suit. This is also a tool that, although great in certain settings, is not going to work here.

4a. Web conferencing: This looks like a great tool. I don't think that this will be something that we can use in our school, perhaps one of the classroom teachers. I can see how this could be very useful in a public library. The Webinar I watched was: "EBSCOhost Search and Journal Alerts"

Thing 6: Big Huge Labs Trading Card

I like the trading card idea - I would like it if you could also put information on the back of the card, like traditional trading cards. These would be great for individual classes - or for our reading club.
The posters, calendars, and magazine covers are super - planning to make them with student photos and post them up in the Media Center!