Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday Sweet Monday!

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I have finally admitted to myself (haven't been able to admit it to others out loud) that I have a book problem.  I am trying to NOT buy books, without actually banning them from my day - I have at least been able to not buy LOTS of books.  Instead I have started myself a blogger wish list at Amazon - I add books I find to this list instead of to my cart.  I also have a friend who lets me read A LOT of her books - I will NEVER say that she too has a book problem, but I read a lot of her books and I don't even dent the pile!  I am grateful for the chance to read without deadlines from a selection of books that rivals any I have ever seen!

So without further delay:  

I have fallen in love with the demon doctor! 

Also in my mailbox was a prize!  I won an amazing book cover from Bewitched Bookworms!

Bewitched Bookworms - thanks for the great prize!

Sometimes...I'm a


Mystery Prize #1:

A Bookthingys Booklover Cover

(Hermione Pattern)

I just got my great new book cover in the mail yesterday!  It is very cool.  I am planning to see if I can fit both a paper book and my kindle in it at the same time - wish me luck!