Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Saturday!

I have been out of town for a couple days - NO internet, NO cell reception....I thought it would be heaven...NOT so much.  I was shocked at how much I missed technology and my blog.  I am pleased to be home and at my laptop so I can get back to my own small world.  

Thanks to Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog - The Fallen: Demon arrived while I was gone!!! Can't wait to read it!!!
Thanks to Carolyn Gibbs, author, for Tuesday's Child  - it has arrived for review!

I heard the sad news about L.A. Banks and bought some of her books as a tribute ~ she will be missed. 
The Hunted, Left for Undead, Cursed to Death, Undead on Arrival, Bite the Bullet, Bad Blood, Minion, Never Cry Werewolf, and The Awakening.

What have I been reading?
I recently finished The Undertaker by William F. Brown.  You can read my review HERE.
I listened to The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks in my Jeep (I didn't think I would cry again as I have read the story in print form and this was the abridged audio version, but of course I did.  Tears streaming down my face as I am driving down the interstate alone in my redneck jeep - caught a few looks!)
I am currently listening to The Host by Stephenie Meyer while I drive - I have already read this one too, but I like books on long trips and this one wasn't finished when I got home last night.
I am READING Forts: Fathers and Sons by Steven Novak 
and The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen