Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thing 12: Do you Digg?

Digg: I looked at this site - it seems to have a lot of fun articles, a lot of videos and photos, but wouldn't be my first choice if I was looking for news.
Reddit: I looked here too, but didn't stay.
Newsvine & Mixx: I liked these sites - they seem to have news.

Zombies, Schmombies! Teen Girls Are Vamping It Up! The New York Observer

I signed up for Mixx and shared the article above. I am excited to learn about yet another source of information that I have not made available to myself, but am somewhat overwhelmed by the idea of soooooo many sources of information - who has this kind of time, so I guess I see them as a productivity detractor. You could spend hours just checking out the various news sites - learn lots about the news, but not get much done.

I think that this would be great as a tool for students looking for current events or news articles - as long as they can stay focused.

Thing 11:

This is great! I work from home and school and am constantly frustrated by trying to remember which computer has what information stored on it. With I can have the same information on both! Go to and check it out. I am sure this tool will be very helpful for students working together.

Thing 9: comment to Kathy M - Inside a Dog

W glowing Pewter Lowercase Letter o Subway R D F U plain card disc letter nMy computer at home doesn't allow me to post comments or reply to posted comments - don't know why - I'll figure it out later (maybe). I have a hard time getting my posts on from here - I must have some java issue.
I tried to edit your google doc and was told I didn't have permission - I didn't see where to ask for it either - I think it's a great idea - I just don't know how to add.
Spell is one of my favorite things so far - yours too from the looks of it. I like how you add links and photos to so many of your posts -

Thing 10: Wiki's

Wiki's are cool. I watched the video - very fun! I went to all the library wikis and I added to the 23 Things on a Stick wiki - nothing fancy or profound - just that I was there. I think this is a fantastic tool. The uses for wikis at school is huge! I can see students and teachers using a wiki about books they are reading, books they have already read and having the opportunity to check out and comment on them. I know that we can use a wiki for the reading club. I am going to make one and put it on the web for the kids so they can talk to each other about the club and the books they are interested in. I also think the wiki is going to be a huge help for me personally! I am trying to plan a family renunion with my sisters, parents, and relies (all living in different states) - it is going to make everything so much easier.
I like that the wiki sites have some security measures - it keeps the comments valid and makes you feel better about the information that you are getting from them. I know that at our school some of the teachers like wikipedia and some do not - ALL the students seem to like it and use it regularly as a source - regardless of the teachers feelings. I know that I use it quite a bit when I am looking up books and authors for students in the media center. I think it's a great tool.

Thing 9: On-line Collaboration Tools

I am going to come back to thing 9. I am unable to edit on either google docs or zoho and have signed up for both. I am sure that I am doing something wrong - but will figure it out later. I have been thinking about the uses for the on-line collaboration and it seems like it would be a great tool for schools. I can only imagine how convenient it will be for students working in groups and how nice it will be for teachers to have the ability to see each students individual contributions as well as the group whole. I know that a couple of the teachers here have been talking about trying google docs for an upcoming project. I can't wait to see it in action!

Thing 8: Picture Trail: cube


Thing 8: Picture Trail: Flick