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Blog Tour: Nightingale by Ashley M. Christman

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I am thrilled to present Ashley M. Christman and for your reading pleasure an excerpt from Nightingale :

As a child, Ashley M. Christman spent many hours in imaginary worlds, exploring the depths of mythology and a breadth of classics. After spending so much time reading, she decided to try her hand at writing--she wasn't very good at it--but kept at it and today is proud to be called an author.
When not writing, she can be found in the wilds of Minnesota enjoying great cuisine,avoiding the gym, and being walked by the dog with her partner, Tom.
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Chapter 3
     Assistant Director McNamara paced back and forth at the edge of the yellow police tape,

shaking his head and swearing. “Your expert better be a real damn expert. The longer this scene goes without us touching her, the more we lose.”
     Jack crossed his arms over his chest, reminding himself to watch his tone. He had already
been reprimanded once that day for insubordination, he wasn’t looking to add a second offense.

“With all due respect sir, this crime scene has been trampled to death already. At least she’ll be able to pick up the evidence we're not seeing."

     "Are you so sure about it?"

     "I'm willing to stake my careet on it."

     McNamara bit his thumb. “You’d better be willing, because that’s exactly what you’re doing."

     The black Buick LaSabre Jack had sent to pick up Grace pulled up to the edge of the
crime scene. The agent got out and held the door open for Grace, who had managed to put on a jacket over the tight dress. She got out of the car gracefully, still clutching her handbag as she followed behind the agent to Jack and McNamara.

     “Sir, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Dr. Grace Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell, this is Assistant Director McNamara," Jack said.

     “It’s a pleasure to meet you, though I wish we could have met under more pleasant
circumstances.” Grace extended her hand to McNamara.

     He shook it gruffly. "Doctor of what?"

     “I have advance doctorate degrees in Preternatural Biology and Magickal Studies.”

     “With all due respect to your psychic, a human psychic would only be able to tell if magick was used. She wouldn’t be able to decipher runes or connect found or missing items to certain spells."

     McNamara rubbed his face, looking Grace up and down before turning to Jack. “Get her down there."

Jack nodded and placed a hand at the small of Grace’s back, escorting her through the crime scene. He stopped at the edge of a white plastic sheet that blocked the view of any passing civilians.

     “I haven’t been called Dr. Caldwell since I got my PhD,” Grace muttered with a look of bemusement.

     “Well, here you have to be Dr. Caldwell. It’s the only way I could get you clearance.”
Jack spun her around, holding her by the shoulders. “I warn you, there’s a lot of blood in there. Are you going to be okay?"

     “Yeah. I fed on blood tonight. I’ll be fine,” she assured him. “Do they know?”

     “No. But our psychic might peg you for a sidhe-blooded human.”

     Grace shrugged. “Better than being pegged as a vampire. People tend to get spooked around vampires. Especially around blood."

     “Yeah. They do. A lot of it comes down to training. If they’d hurry up and get a
preternatural department, then more agents would be properly trained to work with creatures like vamps."

     “They’re stretching you thin, aren’t they?”

     He shrugged, nodding. “They think I have contacts in the preternatural community.”

     “I’m the one with all the contacts,” Grace replied.

     “I wish you wouldn’t. Most people don’t talk to their exes after a break up.”

     “Most people aren’t us, Grace. Besides, I need you and you need me.”

     “I don’t need you.” Grace crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her heeled foot.

Review: Nightingale by Ashley M. Christman

Nightingale by Ashley M. Christman

*I received this eARC in exchange for an honest review and participation in the virtual book tour.

Back cover copy:

Being Sidhe is hard, not having a heartbeat is even harder.

Life is lucrative and easy to Dr. Grace Caldwell -- daughter of a vampire father and fey mother -- until her ex-boyfriend, FBI agent Jack Montgomery, blackmails her into helping him solve a prostitute's murder.  If only she wasn't as attracted to Jack as ever, she could concentrate on finding the murderer and get back to her regularly scheduled life. And then there's the vampire Constantine, seductive and powerful, a family friend she's supposed to marry...
          Not much of a vampire, and clueless about her fey powers -- if she has any -- Grace must journey to the Sidhe and enlist the help of the fey to unravel the riddle of the murder. She and Jack might just get killed, but then, two worlds depend on her success. If she fails, both her worlds and all of humanity will descend into chaos of epic proportions.

My Thoughts:
Completely enjoyed this book.  The pacing was fantastic, the story flowed from the pages playing out in my head like a movie.  Wonderfully written.  Ashley M. Christman is a master of words.  
The characters are amazing, creatively created and well developed.  The world she has built for them is modern yet timeless.  She has the paranormals successfully mainstreamed into society and the whole setting concept is great.
The plot is original and intriguing, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader on their toes but not lost.  The ending is satisfying, but leaves everything a bit open ended.  I am looking forward to more!