Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: Lost by Pandora Richardson

Lost by Pandora Richardson

Amazon Product Description:
     Amelia Jones is a 25 year-old virgin, werewolf and Private Detective who is prone to make rash decisions. Amelia has been lying to her parents about her finances and now has a mountain of bills and is facing eviction.
     After a chance encounter with a wealthy heiress, Amelia is hired to go undercover to catch her client's attractive, much younger husband cheating. Unfortunately, being a virgin with primal passions on a mission to seduce a man isn't necessarily the best way to maintain emotional stability and Amelia must remain in control. Amelia has to decide whether the allure of money and risking her secrets is better than asking her parents for help.

My thoughts:
     I enjoyed this story.  My first by Pandora Richardson.  Interesting characters and intrigue fill the pages of this book.  The storyline has enough twists to make a corkscrew jealous.  The author's choice of parentage for our main character is endearing as well as daring, but I felt as if it were just thrown at the reader.  I would have liked a little more closure in the story.  There seem to be just a few too many loose ends, but perhaps that is the author's way of building for the next book in the series.  I am hoping that it was building because I really want to know what happens next!!!!!  
     The characters and their interactions are great.  Amelia waffles between being a tough shifter woman and being a young, vulnerable virgin.  I am excited to see which side of her personality wins out in the next book.  I am also looking forward to some explanations to things from the first book, and of course to seeing how Matthew fits into Amelia's life.
  Although not flawless, definitely well worth a read.  I will be waiting impatiently for more from Pandora Richardson and Amelia Jones!