Monday, February 18, 2008

Thing 2: articles with more views on Web 2.0 & libraries

The Internet as a resource is amazing! So much information readily accessed by everyone with a computer. The possiblities are endless for its use. I do find students unwillingness to use any other resources for their work troubling. I realize that the dictionary on-line is fast, but the ability to use a dictionary is still a skill they should possess. As with any great tool, there is a responsibility to learn how to use it properly or most effectively. This is where we, as library workers and teachers, come in. It could be a revolution - we all have to stay up to speed.

Why am I participating in 23 Things on a stick and what do I hope to learn? I am participating in this program because I don't know a lot enough about what is out there and available to us all on the Internet to be an effective tool for students or myself. I am hoping to learn more and be able to use that knowledge in the library to the benefit of the students and staff, as well as myself.


Ann said...

Congrats on getting started with 23 Things on a Stick! And thanks for adding a recommended reading list. I've already requested some of the titles.

SELCO staff and over 100 library staff members and trustees will be working through the program as well. We hope to have fun along the way and will offer the opportunity for regional prizes to all who complete the program by National Library Week. Enjoy!

Ann Hutton at SELCO

Beverly said...

Ann ~ Thanks for your comment. I have discovered since reading the Crown Duel that it is now printed as a combined version. I have gotten the combined book and am finishing the story now. I did not add the James Patterson Maximum Ride series to my list, I am impatiently awaiting the fourth book, but I highly recommend them for both young adults and adults.