Monday, February 14, 2011

Banned Books Presentation for my school - -

Hey - I am working on a presentation for one of the high school classes at my school.  The teacher has asked me to present to and lead a class discussion on banned books.  This is a video blog (vlog) in which author John Greene talks about his book and book banning.

Review: Legacy (Ganzfield Book 3) by Kate Kaynak

Legacy by Kate Kaynak

Amazon Product Description:
Maddie has more problems than the average seventeen-year-old: A psychotic killer with superpowers wants her dead. A serious medical issue makes a normal life impossible for her. And she's about to be introduced to Trevor's grandparents. Guess which one freaks her out the most? The Ganzfield series continues in this third installment.

My thoughts:

I want to start by saying, I LOVE Kate Kaynak's books!!!  I can't say enough good things about this series!!!
The format is fantastic - I completely enjoy the way the book looks and feels! (Okay, a little geeky, but some of you have to be with me on this). The cover is super shiny, the cover pic is intriguing, and the pages....the pages are super white with crisp bold print.  The font appears larger than the average paperback, making the story all but jump off the page!  The book size lends itself to easy handling.

Legacy is the third Ganzfield novel and it begins (as does book 2) with a recap!  The first few pages are dedicated to giving the reader the basics - the important information that you need in order to refresh your memory and to enable you to get back up to speed with the story and the characters.  The recap is broken down into sections built to give you the information quickly.  I find this addition to the books to be paramount!  It is thoughtful, insightful, and clever of the author.  I believe it shows how attentive she is to the reader.  I enjoyed both the first two books, but was grateful for the recap as it gave me enough information to enable me to recall the whole story even though it had been a time since reading them.

Legacy, like Minder and Adversary, was a fast read!  I found myself not wanting to put it down.  The characters are well thought out and superbly created!  The story itself is amazing.  Kate Kaynak has put together a story that appeals to so many kinds of readers.  It is imaginative, clever, creative, and entertaining.  It is a thriller, romance, paranormal, suspense, fantasy.  This book will grab you and not let go!!!  

Follower Love Giveaway Winner!!!

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Congrats Stacy Juba!
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