Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: Chase Danger Super Spy: Mystery of the Special Sauce by Lisa Olivera

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Today it is my pleasure to feature:
Lisa Olivera and Chase Danger: Super Spy.

Chase Olivera and his parents Lisa and Chad Olivera are an Author and publishing team from California. Published works include the Chase Danger, Super Spy Series:
Book #1 Mystery of the special Sauce and book #2 Pirates of Pineapple Island. Chase is a bright seven year old entering the second grade this fall, Lisa works with young children as a Special Circumstance Aide and Chad is a musician, composer and children’s theater director. They live and work in Santa Clarita California. As a family they enjoy writing books, going to the beach, watching movies and going on Geocaching adventures.  
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Join 6-year-old super-spy Chase Danger on his very first illustrated adventure. Chase Danger is the world's youngest super spy - ready to fight villains wherever they appear. In his first adventure he battles a giant octopus and terrifying scorpion, builds a super flying car, takes a quick trip to space, and befriends Ali Bali - a mysterious 6-year-old girl that helps him along the way. Chase Danger and Ali Bali will return in Book 2. 1st in a series of Chase Danger: Super Spy books. 22 full color illustrations by Adam Goodman. Read-Along CD included featuring a dramatic performance of the entire story.
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Chase Danger, Super Spy: Pirates of Pineapple Island
My thoughts:
Chase Danger ~ I love the main characters name.  Lisa is clever with the way she writes and the names she has given her characters.  The story is action packed and fun.  Outrageously far fetched, it will hold the young readers attention and leave them looking for more.  

The illustrations are bold and colorful, the artwork detailed and nicely done.  I love that it has the CD as well so children can either listen, read along or read alone - as well as taking it on the road.