Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review: Consumption by GS Johnston

Consumption by GS Johnston

Book Blurb from author site:

Who can a girl with a broken heart rely on if not her gay best friend?
Sara Sexton and Martin Blake are besties so it was natural for her to flee to him after breaking up with a Greek lover. But Martin has changed, preoccupied with his new business. In Hong Kong, he’s a high-profile, high-dollar interior designer.
When Sara meets Andy Harris, a romantic with a bubble-butt, Martin’s still on the market and not happy. Seems Martin’s only happy when Sara’s alone and miserable. Got any ‘friends’ like that? Now Sara has to juggle a consuming old friendship and a blossoming romance… And how does a girl do that? And what happens when she’s forced to choose between the past and the future?
My thoughts:  Wow!  I wasn't sure about the cover, but loved the blurb (I've had a few friends like that!).  I was so pleased that I had the chance to read it and find such a great story!
Wonderfully written!  I love the characters!!!! The author has created complex characters with such vivid personalities that you find yourself totally invested in.  It's like they come alive on the pages just for you.  
GS Johnston has taken those fabulous people and placed them in a world that has been meticulously crafted.  His attention to detail has given the reader an opportunity to feel as if they have actually been there with the characters.  
The relationships are fascinating.  Makes you rethink the people in your life , the roles they play and the place they keep - both in your heart and in your world.  
I found myself reading faster at the end of pages so I could get to the next one.  I enjoyed the story and was thrilled with the complexity and ins and outs of the relationships.
You can buy a copy of HERE or HERE!  The author site is HERE.