Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Devil in the Hole by Charles Salzberg


Devil in the Hole is based on a true crime that occurred over 40 years ago in New Jersey, wherein a man murdered his entire family, wife, three children, mother and the family dog, and disappeared. My novel uses that event and takes off from there, following the murderer on his escape route. Using the voices of people he meets along the way, and people who are affected by his crime, the reader starts to build a portrait of the man and why he did what he did, in addition to following those who are searching for him.

My Thoughts:
For me, the characters are what make a story great.  The more I can get into the characters, the more I enjoy the read.  This book is filled with characters that the reader can invest in.  
Although I read quite a number of murder/mystery thriller type books, this one is different.  Told from a variety of points of view, you would think that the story would loose focus or falter in its pacing, but it does not.  The story is cleverly created, fast paced and well written.