Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nicole MacDonald's - The Arrival - re-edited and on SALE! (and chocolate!)

The Arrival is re-edited and available!  Nicole is hosting a contest (it involves CHOCOLATE) to celebrate!
You can check out the contest here!

I read the original version of this book - check out my review here - I really enjoyed it so I plan to go get the newly edited version as well!  Can't wait to see what kinds of changes have been made!  Don't forget to enter the contest - did I mention CHOCOLATE?

You can get the book here at Amazon or here at Smashwords or here for UK Amazon.

Spring's Serenity Read-a-thon Update!

The Spring's Serenity Read-a-thon was hosted by The True Book Addict!
The read-a-thon was about personally challenging yourself to a reading goal!
                                         This was my goal list:
April 25 -  Invisible Inkling
April 26 -  Vampire Dimitri
April 27 -  Vampire's Warden
April 28 -  Second Sight
April 29 -  Savannah Grey
April 30 -  Diva Doctrine
May 1 -  Hedgeland

                                        This is what I read:
Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason
Vampire's Warden by S.J. Wright
Second Sight by Sherry D. Ficklin
Dead is Not an Option by Marlene Perez
The Diva Doctrine by Patricia V. Davis
Hedgeland by A. Nyland
(I read Invisible Inkling on April 24 so it doesn't count for the read-a-thon)

HUGE giveaway from Once Upon a Twilight!

You HAVE got to check out this giveaway at Once Upon a Twilight! It's HUGE!!!

Two prize packs - 20 books in each pack!

Net Galley Month Re-Cap!

April was NetGalley Month!

This is what I read - - - links to the reviews!

Hunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez - - 4/1/11 - Review
Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler - 4/2/11 - Review
Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer by Maureen McGowan - 4/3/11 - Review
The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter by Frank L. Cole - 4/16/11 - Review
In the Arms of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane - 4/20/11 - Review
Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf - 4/22/22 - Review
Invisible Inkling by Emily Jenkins - 4/24/11 - Review
The Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason - 4/25/11 - Review
Dead is Not an Option by Marlene Perez - 4/29/11 - Review to post on 5/7/11
The Diva Doctrine by Patricia V. Davis - 4/30/11 - Review to post on 5/4/11