Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Better Than 8 by Erin Jamison

Better Than 8 by Erin Jamison

*I received this book from Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest review and participation in the blog tour.

Blurb (from Bewitching Book Tours site:
Amara Simmons has always fantasized about having two lovers but believes it is just that: a fantasy. She likes her men “gifted”, if you know what I mean. At the suggestion of a friend she registers for an online dating website for well-endowed men called She believes nothing will come of her site membership but after months of flirting online via email and instant messaging, she’s shocked to discover that she’s fallen for a gorgeous Latin man that has the potential to be her everything – except he never calls and she has no idea why. Nursing a broken heart she is totally unprepared to meet her would-be Latin lover in person much less at the negotiation table of a multi million-dollar real estate deal. In Puerto Rico, passion ignites. Promises are finally fulfilled and the lines of reality blur when her fantasy finally blooms to life. Can Amara have it all: the deal, the man, and the fantasy?

My thoughts:
Although this is not usually my genre, I enjoyed Erin's story.  The story, although steamy and not for the sexually timid, is centered on the characters.  I feel that they represent Erin's desire to show the importance of the people you have and bring into your own life.  Throughout the story she stresses openness, honesty, respect, and trust; in all aspects of life, especially personal relationships.  Erin builds characters that walk their own path, inspiring readers to do the same.  She builds them to both embody and encourage self-confidence, bravery, and the desire to be their own person - to go after what you want it life because we all deserve to be happy.  The relationships between her characters are intense.  She writes with an open-minded, non-judgmental style giving the reader the idea that it is okay for someone to want the unconventional.  
I enjoyed the camaraderie between the women and I was impressed by the interaction between Amara and (the old flame) Adrian.  Neither are aspects that are constant in my own personal life.  Old flames tend to want to move on and more than 2 or 3 women in the same room tend to get clique-y in my world.