Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: The Demon Kiss (Of Witches and Warlocks) by Lacey Weatherford

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Of Witches and Warlocks Book 2
The Demon Kiss by Lacey Weatherford

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Amazon product description:
Can someone else's past come back to bite you? After being drained of nearly all the blood in her body, novice witch, Portia Mullins, wakes up to find that her warlock boyfriend, Vance Mangum, has fled in search of his demon father. Determined to keep him from facing the evil alone Portia follows after him, unknowingly setting herself on the path of a new adventure that will take her, Vance, and their coven over international borders, into a foreign place where they will discover that the black magic which awaits them is far worse than they ever imagined. Portia finds herself tangled up in a web of lies and deceit in another's quest for demonic power in the excitingly romantic second paranormal novel in the Of Witches and Warlocks Series, The Demon Kiss.

My thoughts:
~ the quick note ~
Demon Kiss is a fast-paced, tragic, triumphant, romantic, inspirational, emotionally loaded, powerful story.  It grabs you from the first sentence and doesn't let you go!  This is a "cover to cover, hope you downloaded book three on the same day" read.  

If you haven't started the series at all - go get all three books (four is coming soon) - or if you have already read book 1 - then grab something to snack on, something to drink and get set up in your favorite reading spot and plan for a read-a-thon!

~ the longer version ~ (spoiler alert)
I am totally in love with this series!  I finished the first book and immediately went looking for more! I was thrilled to find books two and three on Smashwords, so I bought and downloaded them both right then.  I couldn't wait to get going on The Demon Kiss.  

     Demon Kiss started right away from where The Trouble With Spells left off.  
Once again I was captured by the characters and intrigued by the story.  
     We are in back in another  "Can love conquer all" situation.  
Portia sets out in search of Vance - the love of her life - and in the company of her two best friends.  Once they find Vance, we are taken on an emotional whirlwind ride and left breathless.  
     The connection between Vance and Portia is stronger than ever and they finally decide to work together to try to find and destroy Vance's demon father (Damien).  This sets them up for a multi-country search for Damien.  They discover that he is stealing power from other witches and warlocks with what is called the Demon Kiss and the only way to save everyone is to stop him.  They finally find him, but he has found them too and comes for Portia just like she has seen in her dreams so many times.  
     Once Damien has Portia, the story seems to fly by as Vance sets out to save her.  There is an epic battle between Vance and Damien.  Of course (because there is a book 3) Vance is victorious.  

This one too ends with a cliffhanger - hence my suggestion to have the next book already!