Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanks followers!

I just wanted to send out a really fast thanks to all my followers - I have been slacking lately and haven't been posting much, so thanks for not giving up on me!
I have been both busy and stressed - I am sure we all are - but over Thanksgiving break my daughter announced that she would be moving out - she is 21, but has been living at home still - so the announcement would have been less shocking if she wasn't moving to Kentucky!!!  Louisville, Kentucky - where she knows NO ONE and plans to find a job (hopefully) working with horses.  So if anyone knows of someone looking for a barn/stable hand or anything of the kind, I would love some feedback.  She dreams of working with horses and has one year of Equine Business Management classes behind her and is working through an Equine Massage program.  Here in southeastern Minnesota there isn't a lot of call for that kind of work - but apparently you need to know someone in the business and so far she doesn't, but she is now in the right place!  I would love any advice available- Thanks.

Anyway - thanks again for hanging in there - I have been working hard to finish up reading all the books I have taken on for review and to get those reviews written.  Stay tuned for them in the next few days!


fredamans said...

Big step! Best wishes to your daughter and (((HUGS))) for you!

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome! Thank YOU for updating us on your life :) Blogging lapses happen to all of us, no worries.

And props to your daughter! I'm 21 myself, and the thought of moving out quite frightens me!

Julie P said...

It sounds like you raised an intelligent, independent young woman. You should be very proud!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours; hope you get some new books in the process :)