Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 23: Final Thoughts.

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Okay ~ this is Thing 23: I am sad to even begin the last thing because, although I know it's not over, it will be different from now on. After I finish this thing I am on my own. No one giving me ideas on what to check out - well, not in a list like this has been. I have to be a self motivator - with the help of the groups I have become a part of - which will make all the difference to me.

  • My view of technology is different than it was before I started 23 Things. Now I have a much more broad view of what is out there and what I can do with it. I feel more confident about my ability to not only work with the programs we have covered, but with programs that I maybe have never seen before and also with students who have grown up with these programs and are making a point to learn all they can about technology.
  • One of my favorites is the Library Thing. This was not new to me, but I have found many more uses for it and have two lifetime accounts now. I also enjoyed the flickr thing. The spell, image chef, and big huge labs. The uses for these programs in the library and with my reading club are endless. I am glad to have learned about them.
  • Reading the comments and the newsletters was helpful. I checked other blogs and commented on a few, but my most constant contact during 23 Things was with my co-worker who was also working through 23 Things. It was a blast to chat about how different things were working for us and have someone to listen when I was struggling with a thing. I talked about 23 Things with everyone too - at home, at work, out with friends; so many people ask me if I have finished yet - I can't wait to tell them yes! Talking to people about 23 things actually led me to meeting a few others who were also working with the program.
  • Take-aways that surprised me: I have been surprised each time I have worked on a thing at the various uses them. I have taken something away from each and every thing that was part of the program - even if what I took away was that I was pleased to have learned about it, but will not choose to use it very much.
  • Improve on the program: I don't know what could be done to make it better. There were a few small things - like the link in thing 21 that didn't work - but with each thing that was a bit of a struggle there was someone commenting to help everyone else out. It all worked smoothly. I say - great program. Perhaps you could offer one for teachers.
  • I am hoping that another program like 23 Things on a Stick will be offered in the near future. I would definately participate. I have talked to so many people and I am sure that quite a few of them would join as well.
  • My learning experience in one word or sentence: 23Things on a Stick has been an eye-opening, positive experience for me.


23 Things said...

Congratulations on finishing all 23 things! Stay tuned--we expect to do a new version sometime in the fall or winter. In the meantime, keep finding new things to learn.

Anonymous said...

Bev, you inspired me to give Round 2 of the 23 Things a shot. I am glad I found your Wormhole!