Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 22: What did I learn today?

I always say, "Every mistake makes you smarter" but I like "What did I learn today" too.
I have learned so much working on 23 Things on a Stick. I haven't been successful right away with some of it, but have learned something each day I worked on it, and I am pleased to say that I have been successful in the end of each thing. I definately have my favorites, as well as those that I don't think I like as well.

Time: now there is a concept! I think that it takes more time than I expected to work on each thing, but now that I am familiar with each thing and have chosen my favorites it will be something that I can devote 15-30 minutes each day to and be happy. Of course, there will be days when I spend hours playing around with some of the new technologies I have found out about through 23 Things. (Good to know that it will be considered improving my skills at that point!).

You can do it: This has been great! I was so in the dark with technology and I didn't even know it! Now I can go out knowing that even if I haven't tried it before - I will be successful in the end, I will just work through it. I also have a support system now in the people I have met through the 23 Things program.

The Tools are Fun: Yeah! The tools are fun. This program - even when it was challenging - have been a lot of fun to work through. I love the picture programs and the spell programs and the like. I have thought of so many uses for them, both at school and at home.

Keeping Informed: This part of the program is huge! I have three teenagers of my own and work in a school that is grades 6-12. I need to make sure that I don't fall behind technologically speaking - thank goodness I found 23 things and dragged myself into the techno world these kids thrive in. Now I can have conversations with students (and my kids) about technology that they use regularly and I don't sound like I'm out of it.

Support: I have already mentioned that I am thrilled that I have the support system that I have built with 23 things. I plan to maintain my blog and this support group.

Thing 22:
1. Resolution to maintain my blog.
I am excited to have my blog - I can't wait to work on it. I am hoping to be able to be on-line 15-30 minutes each day, but I know that there will be days where I am unable to get to my blog. With that in my, my resolution is to maintain my blog as much as possible; one entry per week at a minimum. I am hoping to get some of the students to start blogging with me about the reading club at our school. We will see where it all goes...
2. Ask yourself everyday, "What did I learn today?"
This is a great idea! I just heard a quote today about how as long as you are learning you are young and that you only get old when you stop learning - that isn't exact - but you get the idea - it was from Henry Ford, I heard it from my friend Kathy. I am hoping that I can incorporate this idea into my daily blogs (I am still hoping to be able to blog daily).
**I added a number of the web sites and blog spots from the list to my blog spot along with a few author sites that I enjoy. I didn't add them to my RSS aggregator, but I plan to check them when I check the author blogs so I didn't want to add yet more feeds to my aggregator.

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