Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thing 20!!! Social Networking

A. Well - I never thought that I would be a member of facebook, but now I am. I joined and invited four people to be my friends, but have not heard back yet - we will see. I didn't put a lot of information in my profile because I work at a high school and so many of the students there are also members of facebook. I don't feel like sharing too much info with too many people and I really don't know how all this friends of friends business works just yet.

I joined FreeRice as my group. Then I started a group for 23 Things on a Stick because I couldn't find one for us. I hope that others find it when they get to thing 20 or that people who have finished see it when they check their facebook accounts. Presently, I am the only member of the group and I had no picture to add. I was thinking that I would add the logo from the postcard, but wasn't sure if I had permission to do so and didn't want to check the "I'm allowed..." box when I uploaded if I wasn't allowed.

I have been chatting with my co-worker, who is also doing 23 things - but has finished, and we were thinking about setting up a facebook for the Media Center where we work, but it is currently not allowed at our school. The posting and such would have to be done by us at our homes - but I am wondering if the students would find it appealing. Any comments from the rest of you 23 Thingers?

B. MySpace: Okay, I have signed up for a MySpace too. I decided I would sign up for both and then I could compare them to see which I liked better. So far, I find that MySpace bogs where FaceBook did not. I have sent two requests for people to let me be their friends and I signed up for the Library Lovers group. I didn't find a 23 Things group on MySpace either, but I didn't make one. I am attempting to check out the public library spaces, but am running into a lot of unexpected hang time with the internet - perhaps it is my computer and the fact that I have 5 windows open. We will see how it all plays. I have found a lot of library related groups, but searching for library or libraries brings up so many groups, but I haven't found an actual public library myspace yet. I have signed up for many groups now and so I will go from the link on the 23 Things page instead of searching. I do see a dramatic lag/bog/hang time on MySpace that I didn't experience with FaceBook.

I am excited about the things I am seeing when checking out the library spaces! Wow! So teen oriented! I need to spend some time figuring out how to get that kind of thing set up or how to get my current Reading Club webpage looking that exciting!

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