Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thing 19: Podcasts

Podcasting: yet another technology tool that before 23 Things I had not experienced. I am really not as technologically challenged as I appear from these blogs - I just have never spent so much time learning about the internet before.
I like the podcasting idea. I honestly don't have the kind of time I would like to have to listen to all of the podcasts that I have found that sound interesting. So many of them are lengthy and I can't devote the 50+ minutes of my day to listening to the whole thing.
I do believe that I will be able to listen to parts of the podcasts that I have added to my blogspot.

I added KatieCasts, Booklust by Nancy Pearl, and Nancy Pearl Book Reviews, and Book Voyages to my and to my bloglines. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to listen to Nancy Pearl because I on Monday I am attending a seminar where she is the keynote speaker.

I did set up an account on gcast so I could make my own podcasts, but as yet have not actually made one. I would like to try it, I just don't know that I have anything too profound to share today.

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