Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thing 16: Student 2.0 Tools

Encouraging students to use the research project & assignment calculators should be a breeze. They are fantastic tools. If only we were all that well planned! I think that the tools speak for themselves in that it is obvious right away that they will make the student's life easier. The step by step guide in the assignment calculator with resources within each step is amazing. I love the research process glossary in the research project calculator. If given the exposure to these tools, I believe that many students would make an easy transition over to using these two programs (along with others) on a regular basis.

I saw a number of great teacher resource ideas that would work in the media center. I believe that a writing/research spot can be made - just a corner of a desk - hanging folders or standing folders, each with different resource tools in them. The students can come up and get what tools they need without feeling like they have to ask for help and are still close enough to ask if they want to. I liked: the student research planning guide, what is research handout, improve your google search tip sheet, 10 questions for evaluating websites, taking notes ideas, and so on.

I think that the students will be more willing to use the tools on their own if they know that they are available and you are not judging you.

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