Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thing 15: On-Line Games and Libraries

I deal with students playing on-line games in the Media Center everyday. Games, along with all other non-school related media, are not allowed in our school. I did go to Puzzle Pirates and do two missions; I bilged and I learned swordfighting. I did interact a little bit with a couple other people on my ship, but I didn't have too much to say. I don't think my computer is fast enough for the game I was playing because it had a tendency to hang. I love puzzles so I was excited to try Puzzle Pirates, but I found the move choices limited in this program. I do play other puzzle games on-line. One of my favorites beign Text Twist on MSN games. There are a lot of game sites out there, but most of the students seem to be into role-playing games. One I see the most is Runscape - which you can play free or become a paid member of.

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