Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: The Nation's Daughter by Valerie Maarten

The Nation's Daughter by Valerie Maarten

*I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Product Description:
After the cruel and brutal murder of Little Summer James a Nation takes up her cause to see that the person they hold responsible pays.

But when the judicial system let them all down by setting her killer free, the days are numbered for Autumn James...a baby-killer.

My thoughts:
Valerie Maarten has created dynamic characters.  She has given them personalities and qualities that make you like them or hate them from the start.  The story is short, but not an easy read.  The topic is the death of a small child and so there is nothing light and fluffy about this story.  The characters struggle with a variety of ideals throughout the story.  They are struggling with:  beliefs, the courage to defend those beliefs, the decision of innocence or guilt, and what to do when you find yourself not where you planned to be.
I was amazed by the number of characters that felt they had, by some action or verbal interaction, played a part in Summer's death.  I was equally amazed by their unwillingness to do anything about it.
The one theme that I found endearing was friendship/love.  What would you be willing to do for someone that you loved?
This was not my favorite story, the subject matter made  it a hard read.  I liked the book, the story was intriguing and moved along without getting lost in random, unnecessary details or fillers.   I was broken hearted by Autumn's callous behavior, and shocked by it at the same time.

If you like a quick thriller - check this one out!

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