Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm participating in Armchair BEA!!!

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I had HUGE hopes of attending BEA this year, but was unable to get the time of work and so alas....
I will be participating in Armchair BEA instead!  The airfare was considerably more economical this way.
I am so excited that there is a way for those of us staying at home to participate!
Thanks for the opportunity of Armchair BEA!
Can't wait for the blogger interviews!

Quickie heads up about me - - 
I am a licensed teacher working as a media center assistant in a 6-12 school with approximately 600 students.  I am the advisor for a school-based reading club that I designed and implemented in my school.  The club is currently finishing up year five and our club membership has gone from 86 in year one to over 200 this year.
I am a single mom with two children (21 and 17), three dogs, 5 cats, one horse, one very patient/understanding boyfriend (who also has a child (18).
I have loved to read as long as I can remember.
I credit my third grade teacher for my love of reading as I clearly remember her giving me Black Beauty and telling me she thought I would love it.  I did and haven't stopped reading everything I could get my hands on since.  I have a serious book buying addiction that has continued to grow as I have gotten older and had more  income to feed the habit.  I have to say that my friend Kathy - who introduced me to blogging - has saved me by introducing me to the Kindle and the joys of ebooks!!!!!  It has been wonderful the last few years having someone who loves books as much as I do to spend time with and now with blogging, it seems there are so many more of us out there!  My home library has just under 7,000 books ranging from picture books to teaching resources (no this doesn't count ebooks - - thank the Lord for Kindle).  My favorite feature of my home library - aside from the books (don't you just love to feel the pages) is my library ladder!  My parents found it for me at an auction and bought it and the rails for me!  Now, if I can get all my ducks in a row and finish all the shelving in the library this summer, I will actually be able to mount that rail!
I have been blogging for a couple of years.  I started book blogging more recently - about a year ago.  I didn't realize when I started book blogging how much I would enjoy it or how much of my time would be devoted to it!!! I have met some amazing people (bloggers and authors alike) and have had the opportunity to participate in bundles of contests, giveaways, read-a-thons, blog tours, and more.  I have both given away and won a number of books and have learned more about authors and what's new than I ever knew before.  It has been a great experience so far and I look forward to the future!!!
(oh - and back to BEA - - - I plan to get there next year - - everyone hope for me!!!)

How will I Armchair?  I plan to try to check out all the blogs participating in the armchair - let us all support each other in our love of reading and our lack of either ability or desire to attend in NYC.  My goal is to stop by and comment on as many other Armchairers as I can each day!

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Jason Jack Miller said...

Hey there,

Fellow teacher, fellow BEA in absentia attendee.

If you feel like your missing out on all the free books you'd get at BEA, I'd be happy to send you mine. Just drop me a line if you're interested.