Saturday, May 28, 2011

Armchair BEA - day 5: Blogging about blogging

Today the Armchair BEA is about Blogging about blogging.

Before I start talking about blogging - I want to take a quick moment to say thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring Armchair BEA to all of us who were unable to go to New York.  Thanks a bunch - (this is where you all hear me cheering for you!)

So...blogging about blogging:
I LOVE blogging.  My children think I have stepped off the edge and my boyfriend wonders how and when he started competing with my laptop for my free time.  What is so cool about blogging?  This would be a long list so I am going to only mention a couple cool things.  1. Authors. 2. Book bloggers. 3. Books.  Okay that's technically a few not a couple.
What is so cool about blogging and authors? Before I started blogging I had met a few authors at various reading conferences and book signings, but I had never before had the opportunity to chat (I know it's cyber chat, but still...)with authors about their books.  I talk to people about books every day - I work in a high school media center, but blogging is different than that.  Blogging with authors is more like texting a friend.  There is no line of people behind you waiting to have their book signed. There aren't people standing all around you snapping pictures.  It's just you, comfortably sitting where you sit on your computer and the author doing the same.  It's no pressure and you can fit it into your day anywhere.
What is so cool about book bloggers? How can you ask that of a book blogger?  Really now, I have been and continue to be totally shocked by the number of people who are book bloggers.  I LOVE to read and have only been blogging for a couple years.  I have had the pleasure of 'meeting' (if talking back and forth about the situation is having a meeting) many authors that I would never heard of or read book by if it weren't for the internet and the group of reviewers/book bloggers that I follow.  It has been a fantastic experience for me to find a whole community of book lovers.
What is so cool about books?  Well this is one of those 'answers itself' questions.  Everything about a book is great.  The smell and feel of the paper and the cover.  The possibilities within.  The freedom they give the reader, you know: Go anywhere, be anyone, do anything, and maybe even add a meanwhile to the story somewhere.
With blogging about books - you are getting the latest information about the newest books.  You are able to see book trailers.  I have been able to host and participate in giveaways.  I have both given away books and won books.  I have just recently started being a part of the whole blog tour community. I love having the opportunity to read and review books, but my favorite part is the chance to find new authors who have written books that I love.
The only uncool thing about blogging is the amount of time I spend doing it, but I enjoy it so it's time well spent.  Happy reading to all!


Bailey said...

you are right; book blogging really can be a time consuming hobby! i haven't really interacted with any authors yet, but i really need to start getting brave. from everyone's posts, it looks like author interaction is something i've been missing out on!

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

I have definitely found so many books and authors I never would have picked up without blogging, and I think that's fabulous!

bibliophiliac said...

Well said! I love the enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment of your post.