Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road Trip: Patricia Briggs

My friend Kathy and I went to see Patricia Briggs this last weekend.  She was signing books on Saturday in Minneapolis at Uncle Hugo's bookstore.  I am a new Patricia Briggs fan - found her in Strange Brew - after hearing about what a great author she is from my friend Kathy. 

We arrived at the bookstore, after an amazing lunch at a fantastic deli, with our books to be signed: me with my very few (3) and Kathy with ... everything that Patricia Briggs has written (except the newest, which she intended to buy there).  It was wonderful, Patricia Briggs is truly a "real" person and was fun to chat with.  Here are pictures of us with her!

We are planning to go back to Uncle Hugo's to meet Robin Hobb in May - more photos to come!

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Tampa BookWorm said...

How very cool! I am jealous! :-)