Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thing 25 - Bloggers' Toolkit - - - Widgets

I have been so very busy that I have let my blog slide.
I will be working hard to complete all my things by the deadline.

Widgets ~ okay this wasn't my favorite thing so far - but I am only starting back into the things. I added four different widgets to my blog. First I watched the videos about widgets, then went out and found some and added them. I started with Sitemeter. I thought it might be cool to see how much viewing my blog gets - I can't imagine that it gets much - I don't believe I blog about anything that amazing. I signed up for the sitemeter - but realized after I embedded it in my blog that it is not a counter on the blog, it is a site that you go to and check the stats from your blog. I should have checked it out more - I probably won't use this one much. I also added an optical illusion widget and a bubbles game. These two are strictly for fun. I think that these are great - but the illusions take a long time to load. The last of my four widgets is one I got from another site - the Pendragon site. If you have followed my blog you know that I love the Pendragon books - even got to meet and hang out with the author last year - so it is no big surprise that my last widget is a countdown to the last book in the series. I spent way more time on this thing than I thought I would - around an hour.

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