Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey there - just checking in and asking a couple questions.

I hope all you other 23 Thingers are enjoying the almost spring - let's all hope that we are done with the snow!

I remember seeing that 23 Things was worth 12 contact hours (CEUs) and I was wondering who I contacted to get the certificate for that? Anyone out there have the answer? Please let me know.

I find that as the end of the school year draws near I have less and less time - I am sure I'm the only one! Ha! Ha!

I am looking for ideas for ways to encourage readers in middle school and above. Let me know if you have any ideas - tried and true or otherwise. Thanks in advance.
(Here is an idea I wanted to share (again) with you all): Timberwolves Read-to-Achieve program -- check it out for next year - it was amazing!

I miss the pressure of the 23 Things deadline - I always found time to get on and blog when I had a schedule of "Things" to do - I guess I will have to try harder to make blogging higher on my priority list.


Anonymous said...

Bev, I don't know how your school handled the TWolves Read to Achieve Challenge, but....
Our experience with the Timberwolves Read to Achieve program was that it spiraled out of control. We had a committee of teachers trying to do it as a school-wide thing with little prizes for every 100 pages read, raffles for bigger prizes, and paper basketballs on display in the media center for each student participating with a sticker for each 100 pages on that... It all got dumped on the media center and was a time-consuming disaster in a school with over 1200 kids, over 400 of whom initially participated.Taking 3 busloads of kids to the Target Center on a Saturday night and supervising them was no picnic either.

The program is designed for individual classroom teachers to participate with their students and I recommend you stick with the program as it was designed. The prizes provided by the Timberwolves were great; poster, book mark, slingbag backpack, and ticket to a designated game all for reading 500 pages. (Individuals can order companion tickets for the parents or other family members to attend the game with the student.)

The media center could do a little kick off presentation, hand out the bookmarks to track the pages, and collect them and send them in at the end.

Beverly said...

Bren ~ my school only has 600 students total - so it wasn't that kind of disaster for me. Originally I had 175 students who wanted to participate - 109 finished - about 80 attended the game. I had 10 adult chaperones and two buses - it was great - Although next year..... we'll see.