Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thing 10: Wiki's

Wiki's are cool. I watched the video - very fun! I went to all the library wikis and I added to the 23 Things on a Stick wiki - nothing fancy or profound - just that I was there. I think this is a fantastic tool. The uses for wikis at school is huge! I can see students and teachers using a wiki about books they are reading, books they have already read and having the opportunity to check out and comment on them. I know that we can use a wiki for the reading club. I am going to make one and put it on the web for the kids so they can talk to each other about the club and the books they are interested in. I also think the wiki is going to be a huge help for me personally! I am trying to plan a family renunion with my sisters, parents, and relies (all living in different states) - it is going to make everything so much easier.
I like that the wiki sites have some security measures - it keeps the comments valid and makes you feel better about the information that you are getting from them. I know that at our school some of the teachers like wikipedia and some do not - ALL the students seem to like it and use it regularly as a source - regardless of the teachers feelings. I know that I use it quite a bit when I am looking up books and authors for students in the media center. I think it's a great tool.

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